Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Pull Down Method

After last week, I had a brainwave. I need tank tops that are gathered at the top and that I can pull down to nurse. It doesn't have quite as much coverage, but in this heat - oh well. Deal with some top boob all you prudes.

Black and White!
Ok, you may not think this shirt is ugly, but it has it's downfalls. First off, it is completely sheer (much like my first shirt), so it needs something underneath. But with the right tank it can be pulled down in front because it is a super stretchy meshy thing going on. 

See, Z knows what to do!
It's a pretty print, and I need to find more like it. But the weather isn't quite as hot to maybe I can get away with wearing another set of something ugly and ill fitting before the real summer comes.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Problem for March

I have run into a problem. I don't have very many summer shirts that are flattering and nursing friendly. So I am at a loss at to what to do for all these summer months that are coming our way.

As you can tell, I usually rock a button up, but I need something like a button up tank, or something not dressy. Most of my dress shirts have a lot of cleavage, but I'm not that kind of person that can just rock the increased boobage. I like to be covered up, and I'll be honest, my nursing bras are not sexy. They really should be hidden  under a shirt.

Now, what to do? Should I start hitting up Meijer and making nursing friendly shirts out of cheap tees? Should I try to rock a nursing cami (which I fell would not give the ladies much support and they would hang around my middle, yuck?).

I don't really want to have to layer up t-shirts and tank tops. That is going to a) tan lines are awful, and b) hot hot hot.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paisley - The Grandma Fabric

After my month of plaid, it was time to pick something new to wear. And I picked paisley. This is one shirt, and it is kind of short on me, so I paired it with  dark brown tank top to make it nursing friendly.

Z wasn't ready for  picture yet. Oops.
Now I was told that I had 'missed the mark' with this one. I was told that this shirt wasn't ugly. This is just a case of eye of the beholder, because this patter is hard on the eyes and it is hard on the body. It doesn't completely cover up the after-pregnancy pooch (or my pre-pregnancy pooch either...need to start losing weight for sure), but it is a fun thing I can dress up if I wanted/needed to.

When I wore this in public I also threw on dark jeans and the brown shell necklace I made in the last post. I like this shirt because it is big enough to pull up and not have to fight with it, but the neckline is like a rope of fabric all texture and not stretchy like the rest of the shirt. So instead of pulling down to get to food, its a lift up. But that's ok because of the shirt underneath I could pull down, full coverage for nursing still.

Now here's my dilemma, what should come next?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY Nursing Necklaces

Cross-Post from How To Raise A Zombie Killing Machine.

I decided to give into the mom crafty trait that happens when you are trying to save money and make neat things. That's right, I made something all by myself. The idea came from this necklace I had borrowed from my mother years and years ago.
Heart necklace
Z has taken to scratching the crap out of me while nursing, and so I have decided to give something for her to get her finger in beside my earring or my hair. That little stinker has the strongest grip, the other day she had my earring and it took me and my partner five minutes to get her little fingers out of there. The problem with this necklace is it is a bit short and the thread is a bit thin. It cuts into me when Z pulls on it, but it is much better than losing my neck hairs.

After my IUD appointment (that's right, 10 years baby free for me! Whoot whoot!), Z and I headed out to the local Michael's. I paid six dollars for leather thread, and two dollars for a shell pendant. This would double as something for Z to chew on while teething.

BTW, she is a huge drool bucket and everything she can wrap her fingers around she puts into her mouth to nom.

My supplies. 
I bought the shell pendant for all the times I wear a brown shirt, mostly because I either wear brown or black on a normal day. I used the top color of thread and used the tutorial from Anktangle to make this final  project.
Brown faux shell necklace!
Also I found a fun doughnut pendent on Etsy.

Black with copper, blue and green accents.
So I used the same tutorial and made this little thing. But I used a different knot, which can be found at
Z playing with the necklace and some serious cleavage.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bowling Shirt

Studio D bowling style shirt
This week is a bowling shirt - it is nice and flowy and has some serious button up fun. I got this find from my mother's closet, and I don't think she liked that I said it was ugly.

As always, I wore this with a nursing bra, jeans, and dressed it down. But I don't think this thing can be dressed up.The only 'problem' is that it leaves the

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Month of Plaid Part 2

Tan! And a different place in my apartment.
That's right! The month of plaid is officially over. I wore six different plaid shirts, and above is the tan and below are the last one.
It's blue!
The things I like about the plaid shirts is the convenience. It is one piece, big pattern, draws a lot of attention and makes me look like a lumberjack. The only downside is that it is hard to dress up or wear any jewelry with. Good for casual nursing, but not for anything special. But let's face it, in my own house all I do is wear tank tops anyway, so having real clothes on is a huge step.

Boy am I glad to be over with the plaid. I can now branch out and finally wear something different.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Month of Plaid - February Part 1

Yes, it's true. I own an obscene amount of ugly plaid shirts. But the reason I like them so much is the button up factor. It's way easier than pulling up a shirt or pulling down a shirt for me. It doesn't get bunched up and Z can't play with it as much. But I'm enjoying my month of plaid.

Zelda and I looking mighty fine.
I went shopping in my father's closet a few weeks back, and this was part of the result.

Tank underneath this one.
So there are the two red ones, and the last one for this installment is...(drumroll please)
Green! Z at 11 weeks too. :)
I guess another issue I want to bring up is feeding in public. In Michigan, women who are breastfeeding are exempt from nudity laws. And here are a few links for bringing up pumping at work and the state breastfeeding laws that are on your side! If you are feeling like you are not treated equally at work for pumping or any other reason related to being a nursing mom, check how to file for workplace discrimination out.